Northwest Education Foundation Alumni

                Welcome to the Northwest Alumni Web site, . This program was created for Northwest Education Foundation, to help keep track of the student that went to this school. 
                By creating your account with the Northwest Education Foundation, you are helping Northwest Alumni make a connection for future class reunion or group gathering.  We hope that this site will be a great deal of use in planning your next Northwest school Alumni event.  Please help us by keeping your information up to date. 
                 Thank you from the Northwest Educational Foundation Alumni.

Start Here

1. Home page, this is where it start.

When you first connect to the Web site you will see this home page.  You are given two choices to choose from “Access / Find Your Account” and “Create your Account”.

1) Access / Find Your Account – Here you will access your account if you know it or have created it or you can look to see if your account is listed and then you can change or updated your account. (Proceed to step 2 to find your account or step 13 if you know your account login)

2) Create Your Account – Here you would create a new account that did not exist in in the alumni or could not be found in “Access / Find your Account”. (Proceed to step 18)

Manual – Here you can get the complete manual on how to use this this Web Program.

Help – Here you will get per page that you are on.


Accessing or Finding your Account

2. “Access / Find Your Account

If you have created your account then you can login here by entering you Login Name and Password and press the Submit button (proceed to step 13).  If you are not sure if an account has been created for you or what your password is, you can search to find it by clicking on “Find Your Account” (Proceed to step 3).

3. “Find My Account Information

Enter your last Name and or first, both are not needed. Then press Search button.


4. Account Find Listing

Here you will find your name listed, by clicking on it you will be taken to one of two setup.
You will be asked to update your information to your name as listed, or to recover your password (Proceed to Step 7).

5. Update your account information.                        Recover Your Password
  You will be show current information that has been collected on you, check it over and if it is you then click on “Update” and make correction. (Proceed to step 6).
  IF you have an account but don’t know your password then the Recover your password box will come up, here it will then provide two options to retrieve or reset your password. (Proceed to step 7).
  IF the information being shown is not you please do not make any change to this account, but create a new account under you name. (See Step 18)

6. Updating your Alumni Record.

Fill in all Required Fields and then click on “Edit Record”.  You will have updated your Alumni Record. (Return to Step 2)

7. Recover your password

Click on your account name, and you will be taken to an Information sheet that will have your info on it.

8. Information Sheet

Check to see if your information is correct, if so you can do one of two password retrievals.
A) Password Reset – Here you will be ask to answer a question that you had setup when creating a new account or updating an account.
B) Or you can have the password Emailed to you for access. (Proceed to step 11)

9. Password Reset – To reset your password.

Enter in the answer of your Question that you had selected and press the Submit Button.

10. Password Reset – At this point you can change your password.

Enter in your New Password and then click on Change Password button.  You will be taken back to the login page to log into your account to make changes. (Return to step 2)

11. Email Recovery

Click on the E-Mail button for your password to be emailed to you.

12. You will get a notification indicating to you that your password has been sent to you.


Login to Your Account

13. Login to your account- This will be if you know your login and password to your account.

Enter you login name and password in to the field shown above and press Submit.

14. Menu Listing- Here you will be able to choose from two listing.

A) About Me will take you to your personal pave to make any update or changes to your account.
B) Alumni List will let you fine a listing of your class mates and there address.

15. About me – Change your account.

You can change information as need or check to see if the information is correct.

16. Alumni List - will let you fine a listing of your class mates and there address.

You can search by name or search by year to get a full listing.  In the Return you can change the number of line listed per page as needed.


17. NWEF Directory – Listing by year.

This is a printable list that you can print off for your own records.


Create Your Account

18. From the main page Click on “Create your Account

19. New Entry.

Enter in all your information above, Field in RED are required field and need to be filed in before pressing the Submit button.